Free Summer Ideas to Keep Learning from Leaking Out!

Scholastic Summer Program This link will take you to an online summer reading program!

Summer learning options This link will take you to a bunch of summer learning sites that your kids will enjoy!

Summer ideas and online ideas for learning This link has all kinds of ideas as well as online activities for learning this summer.

More ideas–including science! This site not only has links to reading programs, but has a link to a science site called Exploratorium. Exploratorium is an virtual science center complete with exhibits, interactive tools and modules, as well as science projects to do at your site.

These are but a few ideas out there where you can encourage learning without leaving your home! Many links offered

Summer Notebook This site will give you a free downloadable notebook for your kids to keep track of their learning in the summer, with coupons you can fill out to reward them for their efforts!

Have fun, and have fun learning too!